Wednesday, October 8, 2008

There are good people out there!

I've just put my house on the market. It's going to be listed next week, but before it lists it has to be A1 perfect, so I can get the best price for it.

My house was built only 9 years ago, and I had a lot of input into the planning of it, so it's gut wrenching to sell, but I have new plans afoot. Because the house is only 9 years old, there's not a lot that needs to be doing.

I have to paint the surrounds of the bath as 9 years ago I couldn't decide whether to paint around the bath, or tile it. 9 years later I was still undecided, and now it's on the market I've decided to do the cheaper option - paint!

There's a couple of holes in the wall that need fixing - they're now pollyfilled, but just need painting. And no - I didn't lose my temper - the TV fell off it's perch and crashed down, put a hole in the wall, and the TV disintegrated. Replacement insurance is a wonderful thing!

I also need to paint the surround around the garage door, as that's another job I never got around to 9 years ago. I've already pollyfilled hte nail holes and put the sealant on, and am now waiting for the weather to improve so I can paint that.

Lastly, the little piece of wood/melteca in my kitchen that goes under the oven, is completely ruined, so I got someone to wrench it off. I took it into placemakers yesterday to see if they could do me another piece by next Tuesday. It's not big - just 690 x 78mm. But no - they couldn't do it until 17 Oct and I need it by the 13th.

So this morning I got out the yellow pages, looked under Kitchen Designs and rang the first number..

The person answered, and I told them who I was and what I needed and asked if they could do this for me.

I heard clearly 'No, but if you were to ring xxxx they would be able to"

I explained I was deaf so they tried to repeat the name but I just couldn't get it - it was a single syllable word and to me it sounded like Save. She did tell me it was in the yellowpages of the phone book, so I said - I'd keep phoning through until I found someone to help.

So far so good. I had made a phone call and ascertained that they couldn't help but there 'may' be others out there that can.

Back to the Yellowpages, and I specifically looked for someone in my area as I dind't want to travel far to pick it up. Found a small ad, and rang.

There was NO way I could hear anything this person said at all. So once again I explained what I needed, explained that I was deaf, and asked him to just say yes or no if he could help. He said Yes (yay!). There was an email address listed in the yellow pages and I asked if this was it, he said no, but there was no way I could understand what it should be, so instead i gave him mine and asked him to email me.

Which he did.

I immediately emailed and thanked him and explained what I needed.

I would like to give a virtual award to Bob at Designa Kitchen and Cabinetry in Auckland, for going out of his way to help. He must be the best Customer Service person in New Zealand!



Abbie said...

I am so wishing that this will be an easy time selling your house :)

kim said...

I am glad you found a good person with common sense. Sounds like you've been a busy little bee. It's fall here my dear and cold. But I like this time of year when the leaves turn. And the garden dies back. Miss you.