Monday, October 13, 2008

It's one of THOSE days today!

Daylight savings started a week or so ago. All my clocks in the house were changed, but I never did get round to changing my watch. I've just been adding an hour every time I wanted to know the time. From past experience I should have known I'd stuff up eventually.

Yesterday was my birthday and I was out with my Dad and his wife. We were sitting in a cafe when we checked the time and found that they too hadn't forwarded their watches. So we all forwarded our watches together. A real 'family' moment!!!

Roll on to this morning. I woke up at 8.15am, added a hour. OMG - it's 9.15am - my car has to be at the carpainters 15 minutes ago. Jumped in the shower, came downstairs, grabbed my keys and put my sunglasses on and grabbed a banana. Was about to head out the door when I glanced at the kitchen clock - 8.30am! Groan - so I decided to have breakfast.

Banging around in the kitchen getting breakfast, I was wondering why everything was sooooo dark inside. Turned on the light - still dim. Weird. Eventually it dawned on me that I still had my sunglasses on!!! Duh!

I don't like how my day is turning out. Perhaps I should go back to bed???

Does this mean that at 47, there is no hope. I've spent the whole year thinking I was 47, so thats okay - I don't think I've aged, but maybe my brain is wired differently. I'm already using all my fingers and toes twice over to count my age - it's getting more and more difficult to keep with it - perhaps I should just think of a number, and that will be my age for the rest of my life. Would make it so easy.

Okay - a nice easy number - any suggestions anyone??


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Happy birthday! I sent you an on line card, but you didn't pick it up. It really was from me!

Bron said...

Ha, you think that is bad - you should see what I am like when I am without a watch. I completely lose perspective of everything and will be grumpy and disorganized until I get my watch back. The stupid thing is - I don't even believe time exists!!!!!

I am all happy at the moment as I just downloaded a stopwatch for my computer. So everything is OK....