Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Cat Purrs Too Loudly

I had another mapping session today. My two months post switch on one. I thought it would need quite a bit of tweaking as I had started hearing the ssssss sounds again on the ends of people's words. I had also noticed I wasn't singing in tune again. The clash was back.

However, I was only there for a short time, and there were only a couple of very minor adjustments, mainly in the comfort levels to get them even again. I still have the sssss sounds, but I noticed I was singing in tune again on the way home.

The louder map was increased in volume a little for me, and that was probaby the most major change, and I also had BEAM put onto one of my programs as I still wasn't having much luck in background noise. Now I have to go to a cafe to try it out. At last I have a good excuse for going out!!

Later his afternoon, I was hit by a huge low of tiredness - probably a mixture of the late nights at a nightclub and drinking of champagne in the weekend, both of which I'm not used to! So I lay down for a while hoping to get some shut eye. No luck. The cat (above) found me and thought it was just WONDERFUL. A person to cuddle up to in the middle of the day in her favourite place! She climbed on top of me and purred. I still had my implant on, and that purr was way too loud to get any decent rest. You'd think I'd take my implant off wouldn't you. Nope - I'm too blonde to think of those sort of things, even if I am brunette again now.

I hadn't realised the cats purred so loudly- I thought they purred quietly, with lots of vibration - how wrong I was!!

I gave up after half an hour!! Back to the grind - sleep will have to come later!



Bron said...

You're honoured. I supposed Kass jumped on top too did she?


Anonymous said...

Nope - Kass was downstairs fast asleep in the sun, unaware that I had crept upstairs for a kip! Mika is much more intelligent - she'll find me every single time, for anything - she stalks me :)


David said...

I'm getting a new map tomorrow. I don't have the ssssssssss problem, but I could use a better map for crowded places.

Anonymous said...

Different cat, different purrs. The late Keely was a very quiet purrer. My current two demons in fur, Plunkett and Macleane, are LOUD, especially Mac. The other night, I thought someone was doing home repair or drilling or something, and then I realized it was coming from the foot of the bed. When the two of them swarm and purr in bed, I can't hear anything else!

Kim said...

I have a gray cat too and she purrs loudly! Wonder if it's a gray cat thang?? Anyway-- she's just a teeny weeny little fluffball all of six pounds, but when she purrs on my bed at night it wakes me up because she makes the bed vibrate!

Can't wait to see you in real life!