Sunday, June 22, 2008

Highs and Lows

I heard it, I heard it. Finally!

It's been over a year since I heard my washing machine beep when it finished all the cycles and was ready to be hung out. For me this has been a real nuisance as I would put a load of washing on, then completely forget that I had. Then my washing would go out far too late in the day to be hung out and get dry, or I would find the load I washed the next day and have to do it again so the clothes don't smell damp. It honestly was the bane of my life.

I was remapped on Monday, but it wasn't until wednesday that I heard the beep. Much higher than I've ever heard before too.

I know this is such a small thing to get excited over - but I can't help it!!

So that was my High for the week. Then on friday the phone rang when a friend of mine was here and the conversation went like this...

'Hello Robyn speaking"

'mumble is mumblemumble'

"Sorry - you will need to speak more clearly- Who is it speaking please?"

"aoijf auwpoijfd aodij"

"I think you have the wrong number"

Click. I hung up.

I turned to my friend..

"I have had Sssssssssooooooooooooo many wrong numbers this week - I'm getting sick of it"

We go on to talk about other things when 10 minutes later my friend Bronni turned up at the door.

'Hi - that was me on the phone before" she said!!!

"oh - really?"

I now wonder how many other friends I've hung up on this week thinking it was a wrong number.

If you have rung me in the last week - please let me know LOL. If I've hung up on you - all is forgiven - you can ring me back now !!!



Kim said...

Wonderful about the washing machine!! I can't hear beeps either, but I hear vibration and know when the washing and drying stops. I wish the oven vibrated. Then I would burn so many things while cooking!

David said...

I am suffering big time. I had to call and ask for an emergency mapping on Monday. I hear almost nothing for some reason!

Liz said...

Yes, yes, yes--I get it with the washer! I use the timer on my stove...which, pre-CI, I couldn't hear either. but I could see if it was blinking that it was going off. Now with my CI I can hear it IN THE NEXT ROOM! WooHoo!!

And, yeah, I get a lot of calls I cannot tell who it is for the life of me. Or it takes 17 tries before I can tell who it is. It's just so draining. I am tired of the phone and have to work so hard to make myself use it--which is a loss, because it has always been my lifeline as an extrovert. So now I just spend totally inordinate amounts of time online and ignore my family and my house...and my life, it seems sometimes.

Grumbly mood, sorry.

Bron said...

OK what is my excuse then? I don't hear the washing machine all the time. I think this is officially called "Vacantness". Phil will do a load and say to me "can you please hang that out when it's finished, I am going to work" and I'll say "yes" enthusiastically. Then hours later he returns and asks me why the washing is in the machine and I say "what washing?", "the washing you agreed to hang out earlier", "I don't remember agreeing to that!"

Moral of the story - never marry an INTJ if you want household chores done.....

You know, the other funny thing is I have been ringing your house and getting some other bird telling me I have the wrong number ALL week! :-)