Thursday, June 12, 2008

Say What Club Hearing Loss Convention - Philadelphia

I'm soooooooo excited. In a little over three weeks, I'll be flying to the United States to attend the Say What Club convention in Philadelphia.

The Say What? Club has been part of my life now since early 1996, over 12 years ago. I found them by accident when surfing on the internet many moons ago, and signed up to the club. I have met so many great friends though this email group, and have met a few of them in person as well. We are all Deaf or deaf or hearing impaired. There are ASL signers, cuer's, AVT's, and lots of Implantees that will be attending.

I am looking forward to comparing New Zealand sign language and ASL with people. I'm sure there's going to be lots of laughter!!

When I would read of get togethers of the group in the USA, or conventions they held, I would always be envious and wish I could go, but circumstances, both financial and personal, would mean I would not be able to attend. This year was no different. However each year the Say What Club gives out scholarships, and with a few members encouraging me, I thought I would apply for one.

I'm so glad I did. On the day before my reimplantation operation, I found out that I was one of the people who had 'won' one of the places to attend. So everything is booked and in place.

There are so many things I'm excited about for this trip.

1. I'm meeting lots of people that I've talked to for so many years, but never seen them face to face - Old friends and new. That is just going to be so special.

2). I'm rooming with Kim - Yay Kim! I think our room is going to be one of the many party rooms. I wonder if we'll get any sleep?? I think Abbie is coming too and I will get a chance to meet her - whoohoo!!!

3). Paul is meeting me in San Francisco and we're flying to the convention together. He's such a great guy and was a huge instigator in getting me to the convention.

4). Dwayne and Marty from Ohio are coming especially so they can meet me - they weren't coming but decided to when they found out that I was going. That's really special, especially Marty as I know times are tough for her at the moment.

5). After the convention I'm going up to stay with Emily in New Jersey for a few days. Emily holds a special in my heart as we met in New Zealand 8 years ago when she was out here and have been friends for a long time. She's an honorary New Zealander :)

6). I fly back to San Francisco on the 16th July, and Paul once again meets me and for the next two weeks after that, we will be sightseeing together. We will be hiring a car and heading down Highway 1 to San Diego for a few days. I have cousins who are half way between SFO and SD so we'll stay over and catch up with them as well. Hearst Castle is on the cards as well.

7). In San Diego I hope to see the Zoo and Seaworld and spend a day walking around the area. We may do a day trip to mexico - but the jury is still out on that one :)

8). Back to San Francisco I hope to explore this city, as well as get out to Yosemite for a day tour at least.

I finally fly back to New Zealand on the 30th, and arrive back in Auckland on the 1st August.

I'm still pinching myself that this is happening.

My camera is being cleaned so it's all ready to fire - no doubt I'll be taking lots of photos :)



Kim said...

Me TOO! I can't wait to finally meet you in person! And I'm thrilled that I get to be roomies with you. We're gonna stay up late and party-- YOU BET! I have a reputation to keep. Also--Worldies traditionally close down the bar. So no-- my dear-- do not expect to sleep. We will be up late and up early. hahaha!

Bron said...

And the whole time you are away you are going to be poking me and saying "have you read my blog yet? Have you? Have you? Read it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!"

Robyn said...

Absolutely Bron -but not sure if i'm going to be ablee to update it vvery often while oversseas, cos I'm leaving my laptop at home. Too big to lug around :)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Robyn! You are going to have the time of your life. Did you see my oic of the indoor pool at hearst castle on redbubble? Let's see if you can capture the same image. If you do we can post them next to each other in Light and reflection. That will rock! Have fun.


melissa said...

And I am so, so, so sad and sorry that I can't come and meet you! I'll be on a residency in Wyoming...good, but still. Having been Kim's roomie once, I KNOW you two will be party central! Have an absolute blast - which is a foregone conclusion.

Abbie said...

If this convention is anything like the one I just left, you won't get much sleep :) If me and Jen got 6 hours of sleep, I would say that is a lot :)

I am looking so forward to meeting up with you all on Saturday! :) I am sure you will be there in no time. Certainly quicker then it took me to get to reno :)

Liz said...

Robyn it is so cool you got a scholarship! You are such an encourager in so many ways, it doesn't surprise me that someone decided you had to get there to meet people in person. You never know who may have read your blog and been encouraged but never told you so. Won't that be a cool moment to meet someone like that?!?

Best of luck in all your travels. Can't wait to see your pictures! (Be sure to get one with you and Linda B!)