Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The White Kitten - One Month Later

Remember last month a white kitten turned up on my doorstep almost at death's door? You can read about it in my blog 'I have the word SUCKER tatooed on my butt!'

Well - due to popular demand (lots of emails asking me how she was), I'm giving you an update. Just to remind you - when we first saw her, she looked like this...

Very sad sorry state she was in. She was basically extremely dirty. My cats went ape, so she first went to a friends place for a few days while I found a home for her. She improved quite quickly, and my friend Linda decided to give her a home. This is what she looked like only 5 days later when Linda picked her up.

You can see here, that her eyes were much cleaner, even though they were a still a little swollen. There was still a small wound on her nose, and she was dirty, but otherwise she was coming back into good health.

Linda and family promptly took her to their vet on the Monday for another check-up. She was given some antibiotics this time as she seemed to have a chest infection, although they were told it was not deep in the chest. They also de-fleaed her once again - as she still had a number of fleas on her despite hte flea treatment the previous week.

A couple of Fridays ago - Linda took her into their gallery for me so I could take some photos of her, and to see her progress. She''s playful, busy, bright eyed, bushy tailed. Still loves her food. Is incredibly well behaved and toilet trained, and absolutely loves her cuddles with people.

She was fascinated in the mirror. I love it when kittens see themselves in a mirror and are really puzzled. Chai (her new name) was no different, checking out the back of it to try and find out where her twin playmate went!

Well - her twin definitely wasn't behind the mirror!

Here she is again wondering who it is in the mirror! Her look on her face is if to say 'I've just looked behind this and you weren't there - so where did you come from this time?'

As you can see the wound on her nose is much better, but she still has the odd bits of dirt that hasn't been able to be removed as yet. But her eyes are clear, not swollen anymore and greening up. She's still extremely little - hasn't really grown that much during the month, but it could be she's just going to be a small cat. There is still a little bit of ingrained dirt on her ears too.

When she first arrived on my doorstep - her ears were dry, scaly, scabby, bald and curled back. The result of sunburn, and severe dehydration. They are no longer curled back, and the scabs are gone - and slowly the hairs are growing back on them - but they still have a we way to go. However they're miles better in comparison of day one!

Like most females - she loves her bling!

But she does like her bling to be clean :)

But she likes nothing better than to cuddle in close on your shoulder.

I'm so glad she made it after such a rough start in life.


Anonymous said...

Awwww... Even my boys didn't have such a rough start (and they were born feral).

She's darling, and it's wonderful to see she's found a loving home. Makes me want to cuddle my two, only they're busy chomping up their cat cube (instead of playing in it in less destructive ways).

Karen Mayes said...

Ahhhh.... how nice!

I have three cats. Glad to see Chai is doing great, having a new safe home.

Patty said...

Awww, so glad that the sweet little soul is flourishing!

And bless your heart for being a sucker, hehe! :-D

Bron said...

Wow! Looks like a different cat. She's sweet. Love the name.

Chris H said...

I am reknown for not liking cats... but that one is a real cutie!

Abbie said...

I have such a soft spot for white kittens! She is SO cute!

Timeless Barbara @ Enchanted Mirror said...

You and Linda are wonderful souls, and I love to see the photos of the little baby, she looks SO much better! I have rescued 13 kittens in the past 18 years, just two babies three weeks ago. I adore them, and God Bless YOU for saving this angel!
xoxo Barbara