Thursday, April 17, 2008

I HATE baking!!!

But I made a rash promise to my implant team on Friday, when I went for a tweak, that I would take morning tea in on Monday at my next mapping session. The muffins I made are nicest fresh and warm, which meant I had to get up at the crack of dawn on Monday to make them. I decided to keep my word, and decided on everyone's favourite recipe - the Lemon and Cream Cheese Muffins. I'm not an early morning person, so was tempted to just go up to the supermarket and get some packaged biscuits, but guilt won out and I set myself to the task in hand..

They didn't turn out too badly - ending up looking like this...

I'll share the recipe with you - as I'm not going to make them again for a long long time, as i really don't like baking - but when I visit anyone, you can make them for me instead. They taste really yummy!

Lemon & Cream Cheese Muffins...

4 eggs
1c lemon juice
1/2c melted butter (about 125g)
2T lemon rind

beat all that together then add:

2C flour
1c sugar
2 heaped tsp baking powder

Beat together quickly and lightly. Put a large spoonful of mixture into greased muffin tin, drop a large tsp of cream cheese onto mixture, then another large spoonful of mixture on top.
Bake at moderate temp for about 15mins

Once cooked you can put lemon juice on the muffin and sprinkle it with castor sugar for decoration! I did it but it turned out a bit messy. Oh well - sugar is sugar!!

In case you've forgotten what they look like - here's a nice close up of one...

Enjoy - and let me know when they're done so I can come round to help you eat them!!


Jennifer said...

From the moment I heard "lemon cream cheese" I was prepared to beg for the recipe. THANK YOU for sharing...they sound delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

They look delish! Can you please bring some with you when you come to Philly? It might make the trip worth it for me! :-)

Robyn said...

Hi Jennifer and P, have you made them yet??? LOL


Bron said...

You hate baking? Could have fooled me!!!!! They were %$^#ing delicious!

I'm all inspired now. I will have to have a go now so expect a batch of muffins (hopefully if I can stop working) soon!