Friday, November 9, 2012

My Home nearly 3 years on...

Thought I'd show you just how fast things grow down this way with some comparison photos of my house/garden. I guess this is the perfect weather we get down here - lots of rain in winter and spring, and a lovely dry hot summer. Plants love it. Springtime in Blenheim is one of my favourite times. The grass is green and the gardens are in full bloom and look great. All the fences along the vineyards are covered in rose bushes in full flower and makes a wonderful sight to see when driving along.

This photo was taken in Dec 2010.  Note in the right corner the small plants.

Two years later in November 2012 that small corner is awash with shrubs - the bird bath hasn't been moved it's still in the same place.  The Apricot tree is a new addition - only one year old.  No apricots on it this year yet.

Back to 2010 and all along the fenceline are small shrubs..

Today - those shrubs are almost trees and the Rosemary bush on the left has gone mad.  My photos tonight were taken just before sundown after a perfect Marlborough blue sky day.  I still need to plant something along the fence by the vege garden. I am thinking ... raspberries or something like that.

2010 and the front door rock garden.  You can barely see the plants..

Rock on to today, November 2012 and the plants are nicely grown contrasting nicely on the red brick. That's a sprinkler going to try and keep my lawn nice and green.

My vege garden in December 2012...

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And today.  I've planted lettuce, cucumber, garlic, peas, peppers, basil, spring onion, parsnip, carrots, spring onions and courgette.  I'm only picking lettuce so far!

Before I turned the sprinkler on, Kassia followed me everywhere.  She loves me being outside with her as she's too scared to go out without me. That's because I have three nasty magpies that dive-bomb her every chance they get!

I think it's great being able to compare the images just to see how well the garden is growing.  Even I was surprised at the changes, but I guess you don't notice it on a day by day basis!


Carole said...

Looks like you have a lovely place Robyn and I love your gardens and what you've done with them - Carole

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carole :) I love living here :)

Jan Christensen said...

Looks wonderful, Robyn. You do good work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jan :)

Ashley Hitt Schultz said...

very nice garddens and like the boxes in the vege garden