Monday, November 26, 2012


I was invited whitebaiting two nights ago.  I jumped at the chance as this was a new experience for me.  Watching whitebaiters when I was a child over 40 years ago doesn't count as I simply can't remember enough.  I remember the lake and the stream, and playing on the beach but that's about it.  I do remember eating whitebait fritters from time to time as we were growing up, and knowing they are a delicacy, however seeing whitebait are now $150 a kilo, it's not something I tend to purchase.  Ever!

We sat on the edge of the river with two chairs, a bottle of wine and some nice glasses.  This is the view... Very pretty.  This is the Taylor River.

We were being watched covertly.  I'm sure the Ministry of Fisheries had planted spies to make sure we did the whitebaiting properly...

Two more Fishery spies were further down keeping an eye on us.  (Actually they are looking at us because I started singing!  I can just imagine what is going through their mind.  Probably some murderous thoughts about that terrible caterwauling!)

A party boat chugs past.  The people on there were all dressed up as furries.  I was thinking this might be more fishery spies in disguise!

Then the whitebait started swimming past.  There's a plank of wood there painted white, so we can see when the whitebait swim past.

Once they all go into the net, we lifted the net and poured them into the yellow bucket...

A sieve was then used to sort them - we got rid of the bigger ones and the cockabullies leaving just the beautiful whitebait...

Dipped in Egg and into the frying pan...

Served on homemade bread..

Some freshly squeezed lemon over the pattie with a bit of salt and pepper...

Nom nom nom...

Eat your heart out!  Can't wait til next year so I can do it again!!  Thanks to Helen for giving me the opportunity!


Jackie said...

Hi there. I am glad I found your blog. I have never heard of Whitebaiting.

I don't care too much for fish but I enjoyed reading this very much!

You did a great job on the shots. Food is always so darn hard to capture. And yours looks great!

I am going to add you to my blog roll. I want to keep up with this new blog you started.

I just started back blogging a few weeks ago. I foolishly decided to quit blogging a couple of years ago and deleted a PR5 blog.

I am starting all over and my photography skills are in dire need of some work also.

It's always so nice to come across a good blog!!
I hope you are having a great week!

Jackie said...

Oh yes I G+'d and tweeted for you too!:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie - glad you enjoyed the blog.


Anonymous said...

Jackie - what is your blog url so I can do the same for you :)