Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

At the same time I upped and left Auckland, my mother did as well. Instead of Blenheim though, she moved to an hour out of Wellington to Waikanae. I was over there New Year that first year so we did a trip down memory lane.  

I spent my the first 8 years of my life in Wellington. Lower Hutt to be exact, or Lover Hutt according to my marriage certificate. So we drove past the buildings I still knew.  The first was Avalon Dairy.  I knew this building well as I used to walk past it to and from school every day.  

I swear it hasn't changed inside.  Even the lolly counter is in the same place it was 45 years ago. I know that lolly counter well because I remember stealing 20c out of my mothers purse one day. I spent it in this dairy buying lollies.  20c back then bought a huge amount.  I knew I wouldn't take it home as I would have them all taken away from me, so I walked around to my aunt's place and she put them in a big jar.  Every now and then I'd pop in for another feast on lollies!  I still feel guilty!

This is my grandmothers house and the house my mother grew up in, in Ropata Crescent.  Each room was a different colour and was referred to by that colour. I have never forgotten the gold room, the old singer sewing machine, the belt we were threatened with if we were naughty, (I think we hid it one time), the gas fire, and the lovely roast meals we used to have there. I even remember being there when a small earthquake hit.

The house I grew up in for my first eight years. 56 Garden Road. The marble fence I remember my Dad building and my older brother helping.  I also remember being at home on the day of the 1968 hurricane when the Waihine sunk. I was home with an infection in my knee. I remember being scared we were going to lose our roof like the neighbours up the road.

Other things I remember when I see the garden is going outside and skating on a heavy frost.  I also remember my brother chasing me round and round the house saying he was going to kill me, and me screaming my head off. I've never been the same since!  Another memory is of me running over the road calling out to my friend Donna.  While I was calling her a fly flew into my mouth.  I ended up swallowing it.  Funny that the things we remember the most are the ones that were most unpleasant!

My old primary school I attended. I remember getting milk to drink each morning. I never liked it as I hated warm milk. Getting ordered   lunches. School trips to Days Bays. I also remember my teacher hitting me with a ruler down my legs for talking.  I hadn't heard her say stop. Our classroom was in the school hall at the time while our classroom was being painted. No wonder I didn't hear her. I don't think my hearing loss had been picked up by then.

Going forward, Anne was born in 1985.  Shortly after we were transferred to Wellington through her fathers work.  This is the house we owned in Churton Park - a cotswald cottage  I loved that house.  Our neighbours, the Howards, were excellent too :) Some of the trees/shrubs we had planted were still there which was nice.

I did wonder if the house was rented now though, as it was in sore need of a paint.  Made me want to go out and get a paintbrush straight away.

It's a good feeling going down Memory lane until you realise that nothing really has changed.  Everything has just got older. Like me!

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