Thursday, October 18, 2012

Over the Molesworth Station - Day 1

It's been a while since updated my blog.  I've been slowly working on my photos from overseas, and because my foot has been healing, I've not used my camera much lately.  However, when sorting out photos, I came across my Molesworth station two day trip and thought it about time I put these up.

The Molesworth Station is NZ's biggest working farm. It is very remote, very alpine and covers 1800km2. It's only open to the public over a short summer period for four wheel drive vehicles.  They are a business run farm, so over the winter period, cannot be rescuing people that aren't prepared, hence the short open season.

We left very early in the morning. I think it was before 5am.  Something that I'm definitely not used to! The first part of the drive was through farmland, and we didn't stop until nearly at the Molesworth.  Just a quick loo stop at the Hodder Bridge for a few quick photos...

After the Hodder Bridge, the sights started becoming really interesting.  Beautiful early morning light, and lush green valleys...

The mountain landscapes were so vast, I felt tiny. This is land where there are hardly any people.

I got Keith our driver, to stop here, as I loved the shadows of the clouds on the hills.

We arrived at the old cob cottage at morning tea time, where we had a hot drink and something to eat.  We explored a little.The cob cottage was built in 1865, and is now owned by the Historic Places Trust. Next to the cottage is a campsite so people can stay over. There's a long-drop toilet, and the water comes from the nearby stream.

Inside the cottage.  A place where once fires roared, and tales told after a day on the farm!

Blue Borage grew everywhere at this time of the year making pasture to be fields of blue rather than green.

After morning tea we kept driving through amazing countryside and besides beautiful rivers..
In the distance you can see the homestead where the current managers live...

The horses used for mustering are free to roam the farm when not in use.  They were a very curious lot... Posed for photos and stopped and chatted to us!

The mountains are amazing.  We had excellent weather, but apparently it can snow at anytime of the year.

The Blue Borage turns the pasture into a sea of purply blue.

Blue Borage apparently makes wonderful honey.  We saw the odd beehive...


And lots of bees - this one looks like it's using the flower as a tool!

Bridges are erected on the station just to get the cattle over rivers at mustering time.

We arrived at the Cob Cottage at the Acheron River and stopped to explore and have a late lunch. There is also a campsite here.

All very dilapidated and worn out...

Love the kitchen...

We arrived at Hanmer Springs late afternoon and had a very pleasant hot swim at the pools before dinner. A really excellent day.

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