Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's a Success...

It's now two weeks since I was switch-on with my new ear. These are the things I have been hearing...

Indian Mynah birds fighting on the neighbour's roof.

When someone talks to me from Facebook there's a quiet 'click' sound that alerts me to the fact they've messaged me on chat. I had no idea that it gave a sound at all.

Spider Solitaire - has the most wonderful sound when you move the cards. I can't stop playing it just to hear it.

You Tube - Susan Boyle. The implant still sounds a bit flat, but I know the song and could follow aong. I long for a more depth of sound, which I know will come over time. But it was nice to actually watch her vid when I had no sound, and then a week later when I did have sound. The difference was palpable!

You Tube - Sound of Music at Grand Central Station - Antwerp. Wow - to hear the music and and see the dancing as well. I've watched this 100 times already. Fortunately my friend showed me how to download it onto my HDD so I wouldn't use up all my internet alllowance!

The Cats - man - they're loud - have they always meowed this loud?

The Phone - am phoning lots of people and can even pick up the phone when it rings without breaking out in a sweat! I hadn't realised how nervous I had become of the phone in the last two years.

Skype - After much angst getting the microphone to work on my computer, I can now use skype and rang a friend I hadn't spoken to on the phone before. Talked for one hour without any difficulty at all.

Hired DVD - plugged my cable into my laptop and have been listening to movies with and without captions no problem at all.

Talking Books: - listening through my laptop a talking book. Can get about 90% without reading the book with it.

Just hearing the keyboard as I type is lovely.

I keep thinking there's something wrong with my car when I drive it - it's been so long since I've heard an engine, I'm not used to it - so I turn the implant off while driving to stop me wondering if the motor is about to fall out!

Talkback Radio - can follow along in the car and get 95% of what is happening, even those that phone in, where it's not as 'clear'!

Wow - I can't believe two years have gone by and I missed all these things so much. Most people would take all these for granted, but each new sound I hear gives me a thrill that I cannot explain.

I finally feel reconnected again. Long may this current cochlear implant live!


wiewiórka said...

I'm so happy your cochlear work properly and you can hear different sounds :)

best wishes to you, Robyn :)))

wiewiórka ( Wilithin from dA)

Mog said...

What wonderful news Robyn. I had been wondering how you were getting along but I hadnt imagined this level of success.


Dave said...

Amazing Robyn!
Am so happy for you and the sound in your life.
Enjoy and keep sharing.


Anonymous said...

Robyn - Iam so pleased for your very excited and happy that finally your hearing could be restored to its original glory. It is amazing perspective that you paint in your blog. As a hearing person I have taken this for granted always - can't imagine what it woudl really like without it. Thanks for keeping us 'real'.
I still think you are an amazingly brave person.

Vanessa KC


Splendid news, Robyn, and those of us who (like me) are poor candidates for CIs salute you.

Linn said...

Oh Robyn...what a relief! I've been so anxious to hear how things are going for you. Enjoy!

FLY said...

Robyn, only just catching up with your Blog after my holiday in you know where (NZ !!!!). It is fantastic reading and I am so hapy that everything is working out well. Lets hope this is the final chapter and the last implant you ever have to get! You have certainly been through a lot more than most of us, but at least you still can come out smiling and only those who have been through all of this know what a pain it is to have electrodes fail.

Best of luck, and I hope you hear some good news re your cat. Its been a long time now.

All the very best.

Annette Whitehorn said...

Hi Robyn

Fantastic news.. what a relief.

Sometimes in the morning, I am a little slow at putting on Melanie's implants, but after reading your blog I am going to make an effort to put them on straight away, so she doesn't miss a thing! It is so good to read your wonderful descriptions of being in and out of the hearing world. It gives us great insight into Melanie's world.

We watched Madagasga II yesterday and she LOVES the song "You've got to Move it Move it" You'll have to watch it and listen to it too.. she loves the beat.

She is finally saying MUM... really clearly - beautiful. She calls Colin AAAEEE which he doesn't mind. Also excitedly put her hand out and said AIN for Rain... slowly the words are coming.

One day we'll be over to NZ for a holiday and we will definitely visit.

Take care & happy hearing!

Annette W