Friday, May 8, 2009

Missing - Lost

Northcote/Hillcrest Area

Much Loved Family Pet, Burmese Blue, 13 years old

Healthy but slightly arthritic

Very Vocal, Likes cars, Nosy

May be locked in a little used shed/garage.

Answers to the name of Mika (Meeka)

Owner desperate to find her.

That's the flyer I have been delivering around my neighbourhood today. I've searched high and low, canvassed the neighbourhood, and put up flyers in the local businesses and shops, and all the vets in a 2km radius.

She's old, doesn't ever wander, and recently I bought a new bed complete with an electric blanket for her which she loved. I haven't seen her since Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night was awful - she's slept on my bed for 13 years, and I really noticed she wasn't there. I keep hoping she'll walk in, demand food, then head to her new bed. But I have a sinking feeling she's not coming back.

We have a safe neighbourhood. There's nothing that's dangerous out there. No Snakes, Bears, wild animals. She doesn't go near the road as she doesn't like cars, in fact I've been scouring hte roadsides/verges in case there was a cat who has been knocked over, but there has been nothing. No sign of her at all. i suspect she got nosy, climbed in an open window nearby, or walked in the door, and got locked in without someone realising.

While my cochlear implant is fantastic, I doubt I will hear her meow over the other noises around, but it's the sound I most want to hear right now.


Mog said...

Oh Robyn,I hope she comes home soon. Our Mog went walkabout last year and was missing for 3 days. We put up flyers, visited the animal rescue, searched and searched. Walking round carrying a tin of cat food, we looked in all the neighbours gardens and sheds. Eventually she was spotted in a neighbours garden- just across the road- with a chipmunk in her mouth. They tried to catch her but she got away and ran home. It was quite funny as my husband saw all this, the cat running home, chipmunk in mouth, followed by the neighbours shouting "Mog's home".
lol, she slept for a few days after her adventure. So there's hope yet. It is worrying when you can't hear them though, I do understand that.
Take care

mysticwit said...

I hope she re-appears soon. Or you find her indignantly waiting for you in some drawer.

sara said...

Oh no Robyn! I hope Mike turns up soon. I believe you're probably right as kitties get into mischief and then try to hide and get shut in quite often. My cat Baxter even got himself shut into a crawl space in our own house right before we went away for a long weekend. Definitely helps to have a working set of ears when trying to find someone :(