Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pond Reflections

From The Ambling Photographer

Things are not as they seem
More complex, complicated
Life is more a distorted image
Like reflections in a pond

Tread carefully, with skilful precision
One false move could change your path
Are you ready to make the decision,
Or face the brunt of the aftermath?

Fear not what you do not know
Challenge it, confront it
Life has a deeper meaning
Not face-value, but beyond

Learn to swim the waters deep
Hold your head up – don’t forget
Then in the shallows you shall reap
Rewards that shall surpass regret

Things will with time become clearer
Less complex, complicated
Life more a reflection returned from a mirror
Than reflections in a pond

Photograph by Myself
Poem by Lia Bell


Dave said...

The graphic was amazing!
How is the hearing these days?
Still trouble in the CI world?


Robyn said...

Hi Dave,

Now totally deaf, and still awaiting funding. ACC have given me March 24 before they might help me out!

Bron said...

Fantastic combination. Lia's poem is superb. We have to get her to join redbubble! She is so talented.

Robyn said...

Yeah - Good idea ;)