Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's now been 10 days since my original email to vodafone. Since then I've sent another three, one to a vodafone manager.

Nothing. Nada. Zip - they haven't bothered replying to anything.

What's the point in paying a company when you get no service? How can I force them to answer my queries? They obviously don't care about their customers, or their customers needs whatsoever.

I've also contacted Fair Go - NZ's consumer rights TV programme, and I'm about to do it again.

Vodafone - SHAME ON YOU. I can't make a phone call - I cannot hear on the phone. - Your helpdesk is so unprofessional that it doesn't reply to any queries. You're in the business of technology - internet, email - now why can't you actually use your technology to answer a simple query. 10 days is simply not good enough for a reply. Especially for 4 emails.

You suck bigtime.

Actually - they just sent me another autoresponse email to say that they are experiencing delays and that I will be contacted in the next 10 days. What an absolutel JOKE! I contacted them over 10 days ago, and I haven't had a reply yet.

They should change their auto response to...

Don't bother using this website as we won't reply to you!!!

Time to contact Telecom I think.



Bron said...

The stupid thing is it would be so easy to fix some of the problems. They could reprogramme that stupid phone system of theirs to be simpler and take half the crap off their contact page on their website. I don't know why they feel complelled to feed you all this extra pointless information you don't need like the Santa thing. That would be a start. It doesn't require much intelligence to do that so I can't understand why they haven't already done it since they've been getting complaints. And another improvement would be to give NZders jobs doing customer service here instead of the overseas people they have got now who don't know how to answer your questions when you do get hold of them anyway. I've had the same problem with them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they definetely suck!
Ordered an iPhone online, my credit card was debited but the order was not "registered"... Therefore I have to wait for them to "check" that they have my money into their account so that they can refund me.
How pathetic... And their helpdesk people are really everything but helpful.

Stay away from Vodafone if you can.