Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blenheim - Day 2 - Tuesday

I literally crawled out of bed this morning. My leg had totally seized up overnight and I could put no weight on it, nor could I move it by itself - I had to pull my leg forward with my hands to move it.

As I have no balance, I found it very difficult to say upright, and seemed in danger of falling over again so we decided it might be best to visit Blenheim hospital, check out their medical services, good looking doctors etc.. and perhaps get some crutches.

Carol got me as far as she could to the door of A&E, and Nikki helped me in to make sure I didn't fall over. After a terribly long wait of just 5 minutes - yep - you read that right FIVE MINUTES, I was called in to see a nurse. I had filled out the ACC report to read like this..

'Taking Photographs, turned around and unbeknown to me dog was behind like a good sheep dog, stepped on dog, twisted and fell, hurting my leg and my pride. Dog got out of way very very fast'.

The nurse cracked up laughing when she read the report, no only because of he accident, but also because the person she had just seen before me had done the same thing. Seems that tripping over dogs is a dangerous but common pastime in Blenheim.

I was then taken to an A&E bed to be examined by a very good looking young doctor. Carol and Nikki came in as well to make sure I was treated well. Carol fell in love with the doctor immediately because he asked how the dog was. He was so nice, we think we may invite him on our next trip to Blenheim to have a doctor on hand at all times.

On examining me - it was very painful, and after scraping me off the ceiling he decided that perhaps we should get an x-ray to make sure my pelvis wasn't fractured. So I was wheeled around to X-ray noticing they have an audiology department!! Pelvis was fine - so crutches were duly given - however with my balance, and because I could put no weight on my leg, I was a bit drunk looking, so they sent me down to the physio department to make sure crutches were the right thing. I told them a mobility scooter would be the best thing to give me, but I still came away with crutches.

So back into the landrover and over to Raupo Restaurant for lunch. It was very pleasant, overlooking a beautiful river, park and fountains. We then decided that we would spend the aftenroon going to vineyards and winetasting. Perfect pain killer for me so I was happy :)

We went to three - I cannot remember the first one we went to - but I did buy a dessert wine there. We then went to Cloudy Bay. Stunning wine - I bought a Reisling to take to my cousins later in the week. Onto Grove Mill winery. Grove Mill is a wine I have bought in the past and really liked it, but it got too expensive at nearly $30 a bottle, so I stopped buying it. However, their Reisling was on special for $10 a bottle so decided to buy a crate. Had it shipped to Auckland for free (12 bottles plus is free shipping). I'll put it away for a rainy day!

By the time we got home that night I was feeling no pain at all. About 6.30pm Alexandra joined us from Nelson with her son Jimmi-zac for our road trip we were doing the next day. We stayed up fairly late talking and catching up - the last time I had seen Alexandra was when I stayed with her last year in Nelson - that was when I broke my finger. I think the South Island might be dangerous for me.

I only took 3 photos today. That was in the morning on the way to the Hospital. I got Carol to stop at the side of the road near the Satellite or Spy station. I didn't even get out of the car as my leg was too sore - so took these shots from out the window.

Carol was most concerned that we would be arrested for taking photographs of sensitive material.

I assured Carol that it was pretty obvious that it was a Satellite - you can see it for miles, it's not exactly concealed!!!

Looks like a giant Puffball to me :)

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