Thursday, August 7, 2008

Best and Worst of the Say What? Club Philadelphia Convention

This is the third day I've been home from the USA after attending the SWC con in Philadelphia. So far I've done 6 loads of washing, and gradually putting things away. My house each day is looking less and less like a bomb site, and turning into a home again.

My cats will NOT leave me alone - they obviously missed me and all they want to do is smooch or sleep on me, one even climbed into my vest and went to sleep! Yes - it's much colder here minumum 7C maximum 14C which is the equivalent of 44F low and 57F high. Not that warm considering we've been averaging 36C temperatures plus wherever we've been. (97F). Of course the cold may be one reason my cats won't leave me alone. We are due for some more bad weather over the weekend, but that will be perfect for staying put and watching the olympics which start tomorrow night.

I have put in my own blog the best and worst of USA that I experienced in my 29 days upover. You can read it right by clicking here

I will now attempt to write the best and worst of the Philadelphia Convention - so here we go.

Best: (not in any particular order!!!

1). Having Kim as a roomie - she was the bestest and I'm so proud to be friends with her.

2). Meeting Brenda and Walt after all these years of correspondence.

3). Meeting Dwayne and Cheryl after so many years of correspondence. Dwayne is truly a papabear!

4). Finally meeting my friend Marty after so many years of working together on the Hospitality committee and in the chats as well.

5). Seeing Jazzy again - always one of the highlights!

6). Meeting Cathy - after all these years too.

7). Finding out how fun Linda Binns is, and so glad I was able to see her again in San Diego.

8). I can now imagine Donna at the computer when I see her messages. Great to meet her too.

9). Being surprised that the super Pearl wasn't the 6 foot plus gal that I had imagined her to be. I still say Pearl is the voice of reason, particularly in Neil Baumanns workshop. I didn't get to talk to Pearl enough but one day hope that will be remedied - we always have the NZ fling to catch up on yet!

10. Meeting Marti and Tom, Sandi, Darelynn, Susan D and Susan from Oz, Paul, and all the others that I haven't come in contact with before from other lists.

11. Lorne - holds a very special place in my heart for throwing beer over Mike!!! Mike always needs to be brought down to earth with beer from time to time!

12. Being able to show the Americans where Elthrey's Alley was cos they couldn't find it (it always takes a kiwi to work out where everything is!!)

13. Eating Apple Dumplings at Reading Terminal Market - twice. Slurp, Drool!

14. Seeing South Street on the Duck and going back there for a better look. It was the Condom King shop that got me back!! (not really!)

15. Art musuem tour was incredible - well done Marianne for organising it - I learnt so much and was amazed with what I saw and heard over the audio tool we were given.

16. Sitting next to Martin and Marianne at the banquet - lots of fun and laughs and truly enjoyed your company.

17. Going to the Zoo with a group of us the day before the convention started. What a great time with 'just' messages going out over our phones - some secret code here! The zoo was great as I saw some incredible animals - like the Douc Langur, and the prairie dog!

18. Having everyone sign my book - such wonderful messages you all gave me and the photos will go in in the next couple of weeks.

19. Enjoying interesting workshops made incredible from a super duper CART communicator Gayle, even when she was so sick with flu she still managed to get through it all. My hat goes off to you. (And I don't take my hat off for just anyone you know!!)

20. Meeting Mark Dessert and his lovely dog. Even though Mark couldn't lipread my accent (I really don't have an accent - americans do), I was able to understand Mark easily. My memory of Mark will always be his enjoyment of the NZ wine on offer.

PS for the best - I have probably missed out lots of people - there were too many to put in my top 20, however, every single person that attended the convention, was what made the convention so exciting and I was so pleased to meet you all. I will definitely, funds willing, attend another in the future, and I will get onto starting organising one here in NZ - so start saving.

Now for the Worst of the con...

1). The heat - coming from winter the heat in the first couple of days was almost unbearable.

2). The jetlag - I was exhausted as I hardly slept coming over. Next time I will make sure I will have been in the US at least a week before the convention starts, so I can catch up on sleep beforehand.

3). Walking 18 blocks back to the hotel after the Mutter Museum. I had blisters, I had chaffing, I had heatrash, I was hot, tired and grumpy. The Phlash had stopped for the day and Mike wouldn't let me catch a taxi (grrrrr!!!) But I surived.... Just.... Mike is lucky to still be alive though!!!!

4). Breakfasts at the hotel - the service was terrible (oh well!)

5). Hotel had no hot chocolate after 10pm. No hot drinks available after 10pm!!! Sigh! I survived - just! Just had to eat chocolate instead.

I can't actually think up any more 'worst' things. Because on the whole the convention was like a well oiled ship which could have only meant that the people who organised it had worked long and hard to make it happen. So I take my hat of to the BOD and thank them from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderful time of my life. I will have this in my memory for the rest of my life.



Anonymous said...

Rule of thumb,

Always clean up your house before you go away on vacation, it feels so much better coming home to a nice clean house!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm - what makes you think my house wasn't clean before i went away? It was immaculate.

The 6 loads of washing I did was washing that needed to be done on my return from travelling. However it didn't help my cat threw up on my duvet cover on the morning of my return so the bedding had to be washed too. She obviously wanted to offer me breakfast in bed!!!

The house is untidy at present because of all the thigs I bought while I was in the USA which are slowly either being given away as presents, or being found a home in my home.

So never assume that because one is doing housework on the immediate return, that it was because they went away with housework not done.

Also - don't assume that I live alone. Others may be in the house during my absence.


Anonymous said...

whadda ya mean i'm not 6' tall? no one told me that.

Bron said...

Wow, no hot chocolate after 10pm! Aaaarrrggh!