Tuesday, August 5, 2008

4th/5th August - Home in NZ

Just to let you all know I'm home safe and sound. I'ts really cold too.

I didn't realise how brown I had become until I put my arm next to Anne's at the airport. Anne was there waiting for me despite our plane being delayed for 2.5 hours due to mechanical problems.

It was great seeing her, and when we got to the motorway turnoff to my place, she went right instead of left and said we had to swing by somewhere first. Turned out Anne had moved house from an apartment in the city, to a four bedroomed house down by Takapuna Gramma not far from me. David had stayed at home and cooked dinner and his family was there as well.

I semi unpacked the suitcases and gave out the pressies. The jeans I bought for Anne in New Jersey fitted her perfectly (whew). Pleased about that. it's nice being the same size as it means we can share clothes when we want to go out :)

Today - I'm just slowly getting organised and doing washing. Haven't touched my mail, or my bank accounts. Don't even want to see my credit card bill!!!! Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away???

Cats pleased to see me home, still a little unsettled but neither of them have ignored me or punished me at all which is good. Both look like they've put on weight, so they've been fed well!

I'm not interested in living out of a suitcase now for several years. No more trrips for a while. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on, I need to get back to the gym, and will keep up all the walking, as well as start running again. But first my feet need to get back down to a more normal size. I' sure the cold weather will help with that!

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Eve said...

Will look forward to seeing following your travels in pictures on dA
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