Tuesday, August 5, 2008

29th July - San Francisco

We waiting around at the hostel because Mike's replacement credit card was arriving sometime between 8am and 10am. It arrived just on 10am, so as soon as we had it, off we went on the city tour bus from Union Square. We got the one that was $32 but the tickets lasted for two consecutive days instead of just 24 hours.

First stop was the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. Picture postcard Victorian houses in a row, probably the most photgraphed site in San Francisco next to the Golden gate Bridge. Took photos then waited for the bus and reboarded. It was a little longer than the 'every half hour' they said it woudl be.

Next stop was the Botanical Gardens. It was a glorious summer day, and it was really pleasant in the gardens. I wanted to see the Flower Conservatory (or covered hothouses), but we weren't sure where they were so didn't chase it up. We did see another Squirrel though. I know I know - I can hear you all sighing - but they're sooo cute!!

Back onto the bus, and our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked over it to the other side. It was lovely and warm as the su was shining but that wind was a bit nippy, but we kept on walking fast so kept ourselves warm. Mike now has 459 photos of San Francisco City from the bridge, as he would take 10 steps and the take another 7 photos!! At the other side of the bridge, we once again had to wait for the bus to turn up, but it was very pleasant sitting in the sun.

Next stop was to see the crookedest street in the world. We were going to get the cable car up, but we were too stingy to pay the $11.00. Besides, there was an hour long wait. So we decided to walk up... the steepest street in the world. After we had walked up the steepest street, we walked down the crookedest one. Lots of photos. By this time it was getting late, and the last bus left around 5.00pm. I wanted to make sure we got the bus back to Union square i time. so we walked to the Fisherman's wharf bus stop and and got one straight away. Got off at Union Square. Mike's replacement credit card wasn't working, so we did try and get some help from the banks, but they woudn't help us as we weren't 'customers'. I've found this attitude in USA banks before when I've wanted USA travellers cheques cashed, and they wouldn't do it because I wasn't their customer! Sigh - of course I wasn't - I'm an overseas traveller wanting international cash and these are international cheques - I found the attitude appalling actually as it simply wouldn't happen in NZ. Any bank in NZ will help you whether you are a customer or not.

After not getting any help there, we headed to dinner at a diner on the corner of union square. Always full so looked good, and it was - a great meal and cheap. Back to the hostel for another early night, but also to pack, as we have to check out of the hostel in by 8am and put our luggage in storage until 3pm as were heading to the airport late afternoon to fly out to Hawaii - eat your heart out!.

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