Friday, May 30, 2008

Piano Sounds

I’ve started playing the piano again. it's totally weird and wonderful, with a bit more emphasis on the weird at the moment!

When I had the spectra body worn Cochlear Implant, I got a really good sound with the piano. When I was upgraded to the newer 3G BTE fo the N22 (read OLD Implant), the piano never really sounded that good after that, not as good as the body worn anyway – I have no idea why this was.

Now with my new Freedom implant, the piano sounds good again – more like I got with the old spectra – there’s a resonance back that wasn’t there with the BTE. Everything sounds normal and in pitch. A scale sounds as a scale should. However once I reach the keys an octave from Middle C and upwards, it sounds like it’s playing another octave higher than again that which is really weird. So midtones – wonderful, go too high, and it sounds tinny and octave higher than it should. Still in tune though which is quite weird.

I am noticing when I make mistakes now – which I didn’t with the N22. I get that clash – much like I know if I’m out of tune when singing. This is definitely a first. Previously with my old implant, I knew I had made a mistake as my fingers on the keyboard knew I had made one, but I couldn't hear the mistake at all, which was really frustrating. Hopefully this will mean I can once again improve on my playing and go back to some more complex pieces. Time will tell!

I’m still singing in tune with this implant so I’m rapt. The cats are still trying to stop me singing by putting their head in my mouth occasionally though. They obviously have no music appreciation!!

I have my 2 months tune-up/mapping with Ellen and Gayle on Tuesday morning 3rd June, and I’m sure they’ll get it perfect for me!!! They’re good like that!! No pressure - absolutely none (Glare!) I want a twang free sound, and perfect pitch for the piano. Thats not too much to ask is it????

So everything is still improving – but I still don’t like phones. I answered the phone this afternoon – and put it up to my wrong ear again, and wondered why I couldn’t hear anything!! Duh! Double Duh!! I’m no longer blonde so I can’t blame that anymore. When I realized the gaffe – I put it up to the correct ear, and was hearing perfectly okay – but as soon as I misheard one single word, I said ‘oh I can’t take this call because I can’t hear on the phone – you’ll have to txt me’. All because I misheard one single word. The person on the other end (stranger), must have thought I was nuts! Probably wouldn’t be far wrong! I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfy with the phone again, I simply hate them with a passion. Email, TXT, Skype TXT and MSN are far better options. I CAN do it – I just don’t LIKE it.

But hey - there are plenty of things we dislike in this world, and the only way to overcome them is to keep on trying. So I'll keep on trying!!



K.L. said...

One of the reasons your old BTE didn't sound as good is that it could only use 20 of the 22 channels. So the sound was compressed more than it was on the body worn. The New Freedom utilizes all the channels, so the sound can be spread out more.

That is how it was explained to me when we upgraded my daughter's processor from the 3G to the New Freedom for the N24. Her singing has gotten marginally better, but she has never sung well, and I suspect it is because her dad can't sing a note either. And he is not deaf.

Mike McConnell said...

Hey, that's great! Playing the piano again. Another deaf/hh pianist. Gonna play some ragtime tunes?

Here's my blogsite.

Liz said...

Love the keyboard picture to go with your blog! Did you take it? My sister is a piano and organ teacher; we do auditory therapy whenever I visit her (which is about 2-3 times a year). She plays her grand piano for me--a real Steinway, and a real treat! It sounds better each time I go.

Will I ever play viola again? That's asking a lot, as the pitch is not predetermined by hitting a key--it's SO subjective on a stringed instrument.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz - yes - the keyboard picture is a photo I have taken.

I used to play violin many years ago, but hd to give it up when my hearing started going downwards rapidly. I took up wind instruments instead :)


Colin said...

Hi Robyn,
Good luck for Tuesday. I'm sure they will be well rested after their 4hrs with me this last week. thanks for your help for contacting Gayle. It was well worth the struggle as the 'T' levels were so far out in just 24hrs. Its all good now and I'm loving the weekend and waiting for the birds on the new feeders like yours. Carmen bought a big bag of chicken mash so that should get them started! I will send you up a couple of local property guides.


Abbie said...

"The cats are still trying to stop me singing by putting their head in my mouth occasionally though. They obviously have no music appreciation!"

Oh man that is SUCH a great line!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Glad I was of help. I hope Ellen and Gayle are well rested after their 3 day weekend!! I'll wear them out for the rest of the week tomorrow morning, so try and book your next mapping session for the week after!!

Mike McConnell said...

Hey, just produced a ragtime video piece of me playing Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin. Hop on over and listen and watch me play at