Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am no longer blonde!

Yep - I went dark overnight. Better than going gray over night that's for sure. The bottle said Golden Brown. I'm now just a slightly lighter shade from my Seal Burmese. Twins.

My burmese is quite bizarre. Being bizarre is a prerequisite in this household. Her bizarre behaviour is to sit on your head. When she does this on my head now, she'll be totally camouflaged. Which is probably a good thing as we don't want to give visitors the wrong idea!!

Anyway - now I'm a lovely dark brown, there will be no more blonde moments. No longer will I do stupid things like those listed here. I will not dribble, or lock my keys in the car in a remote place, or do all those stupid things like that I did in 2007. I'm brunette - brunettes don't have blonde moments - heck, they don't even have brunette moments - they're sensible, calm, and never put a foot wrong.

I look forward to my calm sensible brunette life, I know it's okay as it's already been 24 hours. So far so good...


1 comment:

Abbie said...

I wish I could claim being brunette but I'm blonde by injection :)