Friday, May 16, 2008

Bilateral Implantation

A close friend of mine just had bilateral implants a month ago. He was brave enough to get them done at the same time. He was switched on yesterday, and has written his first blog.

Steven came and visited me about three years ago from San Francisco, and I took him around to various places in New Zealand. We laughed for the full three weeks he was here, with all sorts of hilarious things happening to us (well - to me in particular), including me jumping of a boat onto the sand with my hands in my pocket and landing face first as I sank quite deeply then tripped, and going away to Rotorua and finding I had packed a pair of sandals, they ended up being two different pairs of the same foot - useless!!

I look forward to meeting up with Steven in San Francisco in July.

Anyway - go and read his blog and his experience of switchon here.

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Valerie said...

I had my bilateral done at the same time. It was well worth the choice.

Good luck Steven, enjoy