Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Evil Streak Part III

The last practical joke I played that came off really hilarious was on my 40th birthday. Unfortunately, I was once again in hospital with terrible vertigo, and doctors were trying to settle it down. I wasn’t able to eat a thing, hadn’t eaten for weeks, and was losing a lot of weight, so a week before my birthday my doctor put a tube down my nose and into my stomach to make sure I got some sort of sustenance. Well – it was probably the most unpleasant experience I’ve ever had, and needless to say I had to seek revenge!!

I was pretty upset anyway that I wasn’t well enough to go home for my birthday, and my physiotherapist at the hospital, knowing it was my birthday, asked me if there was anything I would like to do. I’m not sure that helping me play a practical joke was what she had in mind though, however, once I told her the plan, she threw her life and soul into the task to help in getting it set up.

The morning of my birthday, she arrived in my room half an hour before doctors rounds. She persuaded the nurse to unhook my ‘food’ and drip. We then placed a skeleton in the bed, and hooked up skeleton to my drip and ‘food’. I then hid around the corner, while she went to the head nurse and told her that doctors rounds MUST start at my end of the ward this morning. Now Alison, the head nurse, usually knows EVERYTHING that goes on in the ward, and she wasn’t sure why we had to start at our end, but was intrigued enough to take heed of the physio!

As the doctors came down the hallway, I could hear them discussing my case, and then they walked into my room. There was absolute stunned silence!

“You look decidedly unwell this morning Robyn” said my doctor, then roars of laughter rung out.

“I think we need to change your medication” he said!

They then found me around the corner, sang me happy birthday, and wanted to know how I could pull this off under their noses without them knowing!! It helped having an end room near an exit door! I wanted to know why they would change the medication AFTER I had become skeletal, and not before – it’s a bit of a worry! Lots of photos and laughs for the rest of the day too.

I’m now planning my next practical joke for after the my upcoming Cochlear Implant surgery. Most Cochlear Implant surgery these days only has a small incision, however when I was implanted 15 years ago, I had the huge big C shaped one, with half my head shaved off. Unfortunately, they have to use the same incision for this one otherwise they might cut off the blood supply to the flap. (Or brain as someone pointed out – I pointed this wouldn’t be so as I think the blood supply to the brain was cut off years ago!!.)

This means that after the cochlear implant operation, I’m going to look like Johnny Rotten the punk rocker again, shaved head, staples, and big incision. Soooooo when I go and get the staples out and have my check up at my surgeon’s clinic, I’ve enlisted the help of a friend to gel up my hair into a mowhawk, spray bright colours into it, and I have been collecting black mini skirts, chains, studded collars, safety pins to make a chain from ears, a nose ring, boots, bright pink socks etc.. etc….

Yep – I’m going as a punk rocker to shock the doc!!

Photos will be posted on the blog after the event!


MJC said...

Rockin' Robyn!
Well, I just can't wait for those photos!
I wish you the best, Robyn! Will be waiting with bated breath for the results of your re-implantation (and the pix, of course).

Bron said...

I can't wait to see this one!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it all! And the Mini-skirt, etc., is awesome! :)

- LifeWrecked