Saturday, March 15, 2008

I have the word SUCKER tattooed on my butt!!

Remember last year I rehomed a white kitten because it was neglected by a neighbor, and in desperation she had come to me? I blogged about it just back in February in a blog titled 'From Rags to Riches'.

Well - last Sunday night, I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, came out to the lounge, and there was this tiny completely white kitten in the middle of my living room floor. It meowed. I lipread it as 'help me'!

I guess someone forgot to take the White Kittens Welcome sign down after the last one, either that or I have SUCKER tattooed on my butt!

It was in a terrible condition. Dirty, full of fleas, scabby ears, terrible eyes and just skin and bone.

First I gave it a bowl of water, then I took it into the tub and gave it bath. Then I found some food and gave it some which it wolfed down as if it hadn't eaten for months. Well days anyway.

I sent Anne up to the shops for some kitten food and some kitty litter, and made up a litter box for it. Popped it on my bed on a blanket where it promptly fell asleep. All night.

I got up and fed it again at 5am, then at 8 rang the vet and made an appointment.

Vet thinks it may have been abandoned, or lost, perhaps got outside by mistake and was too young to find its way back. It was very dehydrated (scabby ears), very dirty but no infection - they eyes were just filthy black, very starved. We are to give her 5 feeds a day, wash her eyes with salt water 2x a day, rub ears with ringworm cream just in case 2x a day. She's to keep away from cats until she is vaccinated and to keep her inside until she is 3 to 5 months old. The vet think she's about 6 or 7 weeks old.

This kitten is loving, gorgeous, and after a couple of days had really scrubbed up into something beautiful. You just had to touch it and it would turn itself inside out purring. Loved lying across you - loved human company and became a little white shadow. She's totally toilet trained as well.

My cats were ropeable - so some friends of mine who had lost their cat only last week, took it to nurse it to health while I found a home. After just a couple of days - she was really beginning to scrub up well...

I sent out emails to all and sundry about the kitten, and my friends Linda and Mike decided to take it. They came round on Thursday, and we went and picked up the kitten. Had the kitten been deaf, Iwould have probably kept her, but she I tested her hearing and she seems to hear well. I took another couple of photos of her just before she went to Linda and Mike's place.

Vet Visit for kitty: $120.00

Vet visit to get my cat vaccinated just in case: $55.00

Seeing kitty respond to love and food: Priceless

I have taken down the sign, and will have plastic surgery on my butt to remove that tattoo!


Bron said...

What a lovely little cat. What a bugger I have so many birds. I would have loved to have her.

It's a bit incongruous isn't it, you having the knack for bird whisperering and kitten rescue!

LifeWrecked said...

Amazing transformation! Good luck with that sign - you're probably already famous in the society pages of catdom. :)

Bron has it right too - between cats and birds, you're sitting in the "Catbird Seat"!

BuckeyeMarty said...

The poor little kitten! Glady you have a heart of gold. I don't think I could leave the poor kitten either.
I have been looking for a new cat and would have jumped to have this little kitten. I had an all white kitten when I was young.

Squ65 said...

What's her or his name? The cat appreciates all your great help. Paying the vet charge is pain the neck but your great help is priceless. It is a great love and pampering. Thanks for caring. Many people don't bother doing this. It is pretty sad.

Deaf Woman said...

Awwww, such a beautiful kitty! So glad she found a home and she won't forget your kindness! I adopted my cat (Maine Coon) when she was about 2-3 years old, now about 12-13 years old, still a loving wonderful cat! Animals sure melt our hearts!
I looked at your photos at DevianArt, lovely pictures!! I plan to buy another camera, SLR, I think...still looking around to find one that I can enjoy and use for years. Can you tell me what kind of camera do you use to take such beautiful photos?
Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great weekend!

Clive said...

Please post picture of your butt and I will read back to you what is written there... :-)

mjc said...

It is an interesting "coincidence" that she found you.
Maybe there's a feline internet that the last white cat posted your address to, something like: "Are you white, fuzzy and lost? I've got just the place for you!"
Well, I'm glad she found you, vet bill notwithstanding, the poor wee thing.

Lisa C. said...

Poor kitty. I'm so glad you took care of him/her. Bless your heart. He/she won't forget your heart full of love. Thank you!

Deb Ann said...

what a preious and lovely cat! Glad that it has a home and thank you for sharing this beautiful post and pictures of the cat.

Amanda said...

you're not a sucker! you're a great person who selflessly saved a life in need!

she/he cleans up beautifully! such a pretty kitty under all that grime..poor thing.

what a great story. :)

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful person.