Monday, June 6, 2011

The Catch

Conversation on Thursday afternoon with my Dad went something like this:

Dad: 'Hows the cat?'
Me : 'Good, but hasn't caught any rabbits since February - must be getting old!'

So on Friday morning this is what I found under my bed:

Rigor Mortis had set in, so I picked it up with a plastic shopping bag. I was surprised at the size of it. For one, all previous rabbits the cat has brought in have been a quarter of the size - just babies. This one was as just as big as her!

AND she would have had to bring it through the cat door - no mean feat at this size dragging it in her mouth!!

I popped it on the outside table and encouraged her to get into the photoshoot. Kassia hates her photo taken, but I did manage to get two before she lost interest... The first re-acquainting herself with her catch the night before, but not showing any real interest as it was no longer moving!

And this one showing you the size of the rabbit in relation to the cat. So this was quite a catch for her!!!

So - now I know she listens to my phone conversations! She only has 4999 rabbits left to catch!!


Anonymous said...

yes bloody big bunny!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are bigger ones there. I'm just thankful she kills them, but doesn't make them bleed all over my carpet :) Leaves them for me whole!!!

Diane B said...

I used to think Kassia was the most cutest, cuddliest, affectionate, innocent little cat - I'm not so sure now! Oh well, I guess it's just pest control.

suthrngrl said...

Oh Robyn, in the first picture, I thought it was the cat that had died! That is one BIG rabbit and a surprising catch for your cat.


Anonymous said...

LOL Ellen - definitely the rabbit :) Huge rabbit for a cat though!