Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The world is full of exhibitionists.   But when you come across it right outside your bedroom door in broad daylight, what does one do?  Shut doors?  Close curtains?  Get out the hose?  Scream?  Ring the police?

I did what most people probably wouldn't think of.  I got out my camera! 

Years ago I came across a book on various positions for humans.  But I reckon this one takes the cake!  However, as usual, the females are doing all the work!


The females have to flap their wings like crazy to try and balance, contort themselves, while the male has it pretty good!  I was in no way scared of being stung as their 'stingers' were rather busy.

Her hind leg helps balance as well, but her wings are still going at top speed!

She's like a helicopter!  Straight down view.  Oh yes - they knew I was there too, but they weren't too worried!  They were too 'busy'!

Female still holding on for dear life! I have just read that the male dies after sex.  Kinda sucks really doesn't it, if you're a male?

Glad I'm not a wasp though.  The photos were taken on my BBQ cover and just after I took this one, they flew off together, still connected.

So not only do I have a mouse problem here, See this blogpost by my friend, and a rabbit problem which I wrote about in this blogpost, but I also have a wasp problem.  Seem like things really breed in a big way down in the South Island!


Christopher Lehfeldt said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing! I'd never be able to get this close to seeing wasps mating!

Anonymous said...

@Chris - would you even want to lol

maria said...

you have given me the biggest smile for this year! you did it again ROBYN!

Anonymous said...

@Maria - glad to be of service lol :)

Morgan said...

That last shot is superb. I never knew that wasps faces looked like that. I never knew what wasps look like mating either! That just shows how much you can learn about insects from photographing them close up!

You have a shot like this with flies don't you? How come you have all the bugs and animals making out at your place?

Anonymous said...

No fly mating as yet.

Not sure why they all mate around me - perhaps they know I'm an an insex voyeur?

Diane B said...

Robyn, you are such a pervert! Anyone else would have given them some privacy! Good educational lesson though. I must fish out my copy of the Kamasutra...