Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking Photos

Taking photos is what I do
It makes me happy to take a few
It gets me outdoors into fresh air
To places both far and near

Just in case an image fails
I take many of same like I’m off the rails
Using every bit of all my gear
From lenses that can do far and near

I’m likely to get so caught up
With what I’m doing that I forget to sup
Time habitually slips away
Reality returns when tum gets its way

The problems start when I get home
By the evil horrible computer gnome
He fills my hard drive to the tit
So my images can hardly fit

And then I have to pick and choose
Which images to keep, or which to lose
I feel so bogged down with all these files
So decide to rest my camera for a while

Then someone rings and invites me out
On an outing that I’ve not heard about
So I grab my cam and give it all I’ve got
And end up taking loads of shots

But in the end it’s so worthwhile
And Camera club always makes me smile
And when your image an honours brings
It swells your heart and makes you sing.

Little Pied Cormorant
Marlborough Camera Club
A Grade
Open Competition

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