Saturday, March 12, 2011

Somebody's Treasure - Murchison

Originally a gold rush town, Murchison was almost completely destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1929. Today it has a population of about 850 people, and is a tourist attraction because of it's many outdoor activities, especially hiking and white water rafting.

I like Murchison for one particular shop. It's called 'Somebody's Treasure'.

I was taken there to visit way back I visited Nelson about 3 years ago. I was amazed back then how much stuff was in there, and I even saw something I wanted - a bean slicer. I didn't buy it. Then back in December I took Wendy to it when she visited. I checked to see if they still had the bean slicer - but it was gone!

The shop is so full of stuff, it's like everyone who has ever died or left the area, has handed complete house lots to the shop to sell. Let me show you...

This is the entrance into the shop. The aisle leading to the counter is nice and wide, but the rest of the aisles are small and narrow.  You have to be careful not to knock things off the shelf!

Here's the owner. You only need to ask for any particular thing and she'll know exactly where it is. Take a look above her and you'll see some vintage cameras up top. I had a little look, but there was nothing that grabbed me as a good one for my collection. I'll look each time I go back though!

Moving into a flat? Going camping? Look no further for a cheap way to get plates, crockery, glasses and pots and pans. All in good order with no chips. I can't get over how much there is. In another part of the shop are some very very good complete dinner sets for very reasonable prices!

So you collect bottles? Every conceivable age, shape, and colour adorn these walls. Some of them are still full of the ancient liquid that was orginally bottled inside. Most fascinating!

This is looking down to the front of the shop to give you an idea of what they stock. Everything.Under.The.Sun.

You need curtains? Bedding? Tablecloths? Paintings? Books? Light fittings? They've got it!

Did I mention books? A lot of these ones are very old too!

And salt and pepper shakers. Actually - I didn't see them at the time, but in the top right hand side there's kermit the frog as a salt and pepper set. I wonder if they'll still be there next time I go. I've always wanted a frog on my dining table!

The chances of them being there are slim though. Back in December I bought an antique iron. It's being used as a bookend in my book case. Nice and heavy - keeps the books upright. Reasonable price at $24. At the time, there were quite a number in the shop. I was there just last week - first week of March, and not one antique iron was there. All gone! So stock moves here!

After copper or brass? They have it. Even fake flowers and delft coasters.

And when you're finally tired of shopping, you can pop over the road for a meal at the local bistro/cafe/restaurant...

When you do come and visit - let me know if you want to see this. In my opinion it's worth a visit event though it's 1.5 hours away. But there's plenty of other things to see and do on the way, so you can make a whole day of it.

Thanks to Bron who straightened the last image up for me.  I was going to blame it on the 1929 earthquake!  And here I thought I was the one who is detailed!

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Morgan said...

I wouldn't mind going there. Looks fascinating. I wonder how much they make?

I unwobblied your building for you.