Friday, December 10, 2010

Mt Vernon Station

A couple of months ago, the photography club had a trip to Mt Vernon Station, a private farm that hugs the coast on the eastern side of Blenheim. Four wheel drive only, so I hitched a lift with another member.

We got there quite early, when the sky still had a tinge of pink in it. Jet paths crissed crossed in the sky...

This is looking North East towards Port Underwood.  I love the way the clouds hugged the mountain ranges.

The whole coastline is an important wetland area, and is home to one of the largest spoonbill breeding site in New Zealand. There is a natural boulder bank that runs along the coast, protecting the whole wetland area. This is actually closed to the public as there is many Maori buried or repatriated on the boulder bank, as it is the site of historic land wars in the 1800's. As well as Maori skeletons, there are the skeletons of our extinct Moas, so to protect the area from fossickers, it's closed to the public.

The farmer had his working dogs with him. They whisper sweet nothings in each others ears!

While we stood around and took photographs of the wonderful landscape opening up to us!

The cliffs were majestic...

And this is looking the other way down the boulder bank.

We then drove up to Jamie's Knob, the highest point on the station with 360 degree views of the area. This is looking once again down on the wetland area and boulder bank, and the mouth of the Wairau River. Note the flight paths of the jets in the sky!

Up at the top was the microwave thingy for the area. I hoped that it wouldn't interfere with my implant, and it didn't seem to.

This is looking back towards Blenheim township. You can't see my house from here - it's a bit further down the valley!

Another shot of the boulder bank, mouth of the Wairau River and the wetlands area, for no other reason that I like it!

On the way back down we stopped at the edge of the cliff for another photo session!

I practised my minimalism shots which I have yet to perfect. However, I love the blue tones and the big sky in this shot.

Back down to ground level, where we had a picnic lunch on the beach.

After lunch a walk down the beach to take a closer look of the interesting cliffs, full of cavelike holes. I imagine these rocks are quite soft, and the holes are being formed by the rain running off the hills. Quite a bit of erosion.

I did a short walk, but my foot was still giving me grief. The beach was mainly shingle, so extremely difficult to walk with an injured foot. I can't wait to be given the opportunity to head down that way again when my foot is healthier, and I can manage a bit further! I would really like to get to the end of the beach!

Thoroughly enjoyed being out with my camera, and with the great people in the Marlborough Camera Club.

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