Monday, August 16, 2010

What I have to put up with!

Cat:  "Oh God - Leave us ALONE - can't you see we're trying to SLEEP???

Every evening at about 9.30pm at night, my cat Kassia, this tiny thing here, starts yelling at me to go to bed.  When I say yell - I mean yell!  She's so keen to get to bed, she's often already under the covers while I'm trying to actually get under them myself.     Once I'm finally ensconced under covers, she crawls up, puts her head on my arm or pillow, lies exactly like this as you see above, and goes to sleep.  Occasionally she puts her paw on my face.  I try to believe that she's caressing me because she loves me, but the truth of the matter is that she's probably trying to stop me from breathing on her.  

The feeling is mutual.  I hate her breathing on me, but I at least can turn my head so why can't she???  Do I have to have a paw stuck over my nose and mouth?

I wake up in the morning and she is still there in the same position.  I usually have to force her to get up so I can, but heck - it's winter at the moment so a lie in every now and then is okay isn't it?

One thing I have to ask - is - what on earth would happen if I got a partner?  Where would the cat sleep then?

Photo was taken by Evelyn Gauntlett while she was visiting me last week !

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