Saturday, July 10, 2010

My New House - The Update..

Everyone has been wanting an update of my new house and what I've been doing. So here it is... This is the outside now complete with driveway and pathways which were put in a few weeks ago. I'm really pleased wit it......

You will also note the fence, done in roofing material, also black to match the joinery of the house.

This is the pathway to the front door.  I' have already placed weedmat down in the garden - in fact, the garden is now planted as well as weedmatted - all that is required now is the riverstones to go down there.  That will now have to come a bit later as I'm now in plaster and on crutches!

Here's the deck round the back.  Party Central.  Once summer comes along anyway.  You can see the vege garden in the distance.

Here's the raised vege garden.  I've so far planted chives, carrot, leek, spinach, broccoli and Cauliflower in it.  By the way Broccoli down here is currently selling at $2.68 a head.  Which is why I've planted it in my vege garden. We pay through the nose for veges down here.

Sitting on my deck, this is the view I get now they've cut the vines ready for pruning.  That snowy mountain range you can see is St Arnaud range by the Lakes.  It's about an hours drive from here, and is where the Rainbow Ski Field is.  Unfortunately I will not be doing any skiing this year because of my ankle!

Just in case you didn't believe me with the view from my deck, I've taken another angle.....

 Did you notice how blue the sky is?  That's very typical of Blenheim.  Blue blue skies, warm sun, cold frosty mornings!  I think it's going to minus 3 C this this morning.  Brrrr.  Don't think I'll be getting out of bed in a hurry!

And finally the pathway from one end of the house to the other (East side from vege garden to letterbox).

Hope you like it as much as I do!

So - riverstones, laying lawn, and some more plants and then I'm finished!  Not long to go!


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