Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Harvesting Wine

It's been ages since I updated this blog.  But I've been really busy on the outside of my house - I'll post up photos later for that.  But back in mid April - my uncle and cousin invited me to take photos of the harvest on their vineyard.  I'm not one to turn down any photographic opportunity so duly turned up with my camera. 

Here's the big bright yellow harvester that Richard drives.  The green machine is the tractor that pulls a bin behind it.  It drives down another aisle beside the harvester and the grapes go into it.  Quite a nifty operation.

And here it is going into the aisle of the vineyard.  I thought all my images would be from the ground but see that guy on the back of the Harvester.  That's Richard, my cousin.  He got down and encouraged me to climb on board.  I did.  I have to say - the view was amazing!!!!

Another stunning day in Blenheim.  The weather is lovely down here.  Did I tell you the view was amazing?

That's looking over to the wither hills.  Remember this is April, the beginning of Autumn.  We're now in Winter and those hills are actually showing signs of greening up.  Small signs.  I'm not sure if they ever turn green properly. 

Here are those lovely grapes going into the bin.  That's future Sauvignon Blanc people.   Good high quality Marlborough grapes.  There's nothing else like it!

Here's another view to the Wither Hills.  I never get tired of this view.  It's a beautiful spot.  When my ankle is finally better I'll be going walking in these hills.

For those petrol heads out there, here's the image of the wine going in the bin with more of the harvester showing.  I'm not entirely clued up how it works.  Richard did tell me but hey - I'm a girl.  These sorts of things go in one ear and out the other quite rapidly.  I did understand at the time - but that was back in April!  It's now July and that information has long departed from my brain.

I added this image for no other reason than because I like it.  I love the sun hitting those grapes as they are falling into the bin. 

Meet my cousin Richard.  Apparently you have to pull faces like this to make the harvester work.  This one means to go forward.  Either that or the madness gene that runs through the family is showing.

Thought I better upload image to prove that we do have normal genes sometimes!

Did I mention the view was spectacular?  Just in case I didn't I'll mention it now.  The view up on the harvester is absolutely amazing!

One full bin and it's ready to go on the truck.  Note that the vines in the background have already started turning the autumn colours.  Autumn is beautiful down here.

Everything is done the modern way these days.  Hydraulics.  There's no stamping on the grapes with your feet any more.  Shame really - I've always wanted to try it that way.

Anyway - that's how the wine is harvested.

Gorgeous view though!  I want a harvester to drive around Blenheim to get these views with my camera all the time!

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Morgan said...

Wow, stunning photography. That is very interesting to see how the grapes get collected.