Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honesty Rules in Blenheim

I'm so pleased I'm moving to Blenheim. Its such an honest place.

As I got out of the Landrover today at the library, I didn't notice that my cellphone fell out onto the pavement. Being deaf, I don't usually hear things that drop, even with my cochlear implant.

Anyway, Carol and I browsed at the Blenheim Library for half an hour and just as I was leaving, I realised my cellphone was missing. Panic. Looked through my handbag. Went to all the places I had been in the library (and in the process found Carol's handbag that she had left behind!!!)

Mentioned it to the library staff, and they were wonderful. They rang my cellphone number for me and listened to see if it rang in the library. Someone answered it, then hung up quickly. With a sinking heart I thought it had been stolen as someone had answered, and thought of all my contacts in the phone, lost!

We thought we had better cancel it, as otherwise someone could make lots of phone calls on it, and rack up a big bill, but just before I did that at the library, I thought I should go back out to the Landrover and double check I hadn't left it in there.

That person who answered the phone, whoever it was, is the most honest person in New Zealand, they just stuck my phone in the door of the landrover on the outside for us to find it.

I couldn't but think that in Auckland, the phone would have been long gone!!

So - if the person in Blenheim ever reads this, who did this for me - I want them to know that I think they are wonderful, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


Morgan said...

It's really inspiring to know you are moving to a place with thoughtful people!

Anonymous said...

SWEET! What a relief!


kim said...

So glad you got your phone back. When do you move into your new home officially?

Robyn said...

@morgan - yes - very nice that there are such thoughtful people down here - it's suh a friendly town too.

@Larry - very sweet, and a big sigh of relief.

@kim - I'll move into the house officially when it's finished - will be around end of February, mid march - when will you arrive?

kim said...

HA! You're optimistic. Will be next year. :-) I've been waiting for you to build a house for me to visit. I agree it's looks like beautiful country. I'm thinking Nov. looks like the perfect time of year there.

I'll bet you're getting awfully excited!

John said...

Hey sillikiwi,
Your house looks GRAND !

Robyn said...

Thanks John :)