Friday, November 6, 2009

The Farm

I'm staying down on the farm in Blenheim, way down in Waihopai Valley, near the spy station. It's a stunning time to be here because of all the spring growth. Everything is so green and blue, and the air is so fresh compared to Auckland. I've been out taking a few photos in the late afternoon.

This is one of the many Macrocarpa trees found throughout New Zealand, particularly on farms for shelters for stock. I used to hate them because they looked so 'untidy'. But now I love them on our landscape as they grow so big and majestic. None of them ever look exactly the same. They are a cypress (Monterey Cypress) introduced from Monterey, California, probably in the 1860's in one of the gold rushes.

Here's another two... (or is that three?)

The farm I'm staying on goes for miles and miles down the valley. It's huge, and apparently worth 12 million dollars. It's for sale if anyone wants to spend that kind of money. Land prices down here are at a premium because of all the grapes - real vineyard country. If you do decide to buy it, please let me know so I can claim the commission on the sale. a 3% commission would do me quite nicely!

You can see the grass tracks we made on our drive over to this spot. The car tracks, one mini motorcycle track and one border collie dog track!

This is looking over to the Richmond Ranges in the background. The row of trees is where the main road is, and the those trees are Australian Bluegums. Makes me feel like I'm in Australia rather than New Zealand when I see those lining the road. No Galahs or Koalas though.

While I'm sitting here writing this, I can hear a Song Thrush repeating her song over and and over again, a cicada in the distance, Carol rattling around in the kitchen, the odd Brk from the chooks, but other than that, it's silent. No cars, no trucks. Just blissful peace and quiet.

Oh - and I hope you notice those blue blue skies!!! Auckland eat your heart out!

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