Monday, March 2, 2009

I have a Surgery Date !!! Wheeeee !!!!

30th March.

30th March

30th March

30th March

30th March

Whew - it's such a relief. Never ever have I ever looked forward so much to have my head cut open. If they could do it tomorrow I'd even be happier, but this at last gives me something to look forward to, and the hope that I might hear something other than my confounded tinnitus all day. The only unfortunate thing is that I will not be able to hear my daughter say her goodbyes, before she goes off to the UK indefinitely on the 12th April. It would have been so nice to be able to at least converse with her properly before she went. But I'm still pleased that things are finally moving.

It's been quite an emotional week. The blow of ACC declining funding, the hope that the Cochlear Implant trust will pick up the tab, and then the hope realised with a date in concrete. I'ts a Monday :)

More tomorrow.....

28 days to go, 28 days to go.......


Colin said...

Hi Robyn,
This is absolutely wonderful! I know how you will be feeling just now. I hate operations and since Ive' become deaf I find them really quite scary. Ive had two hospital bugs as a result of hospital operations. But thats just plain bad luck, add that to having the implant fail. However Monday the 16th the big ex-plant/implant day for me. Switch-On is Thursday 16th April. You might get in before me! When your are back in the weird world of sounds you might like to come down and do the Paradise Valley and Wingspan thing. We have a concession card so we could do dinner at the top of the gondolas -that is looking ahead!

Well done with getting a date. It just frustrates me that you have had such a run around when both scenarios are publicly funded. They should have done it as soon as it failed and then the two publicly funded entities could have reached this decision why you're back in the 'hearing' world.


Carol said...

Hi Robyn,
This is really great news - I am so happy for you!!!!!! You get to hear again!!!!!
Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. All the very best with the op.

Anonymous said...

Whew...what a roller coaster you've been on lately!

Hang in there...and best wishes on this adventure!


Charlotte said...

Whoopppeee!! thats Fantastic!! I am so relieved for you.

Where abouts is your daughter going?

You'll hear her on the phone when time comes, i know it's not like face to face goodbyes but least you would hear her voice.

Take care

kim said...

WHEW! what a relief! I was feeling down yesterday after reading your post. I even discussed it with Eric and we've both been sending prayers your way. So glad to hear you have a date!!

MKChaikof said...

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear the details. Your persistence definitely paid off.


Abbie said...

Oh thank god Robin! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! I'm counting down the days with you! Two weeks and four days to go :)

One of these days, I will actually be at the computer at the same time as you :)

Michelle said...

How awesome... what an ordeal you've been through to get this surgery done again. I didn't realize you had already been implanted twice. I hope this surgery gets you back on track quickly! :)

Robyn said...

Hi Michelle!

yes - it's been a long haul to get to this stage, almost 2 years of not hearing anything which has been super frustrating, not only for me but also everyone around me.

While I'm excited about I'm also nervous once again...!!!


Liz said...

Hi Robyn,
Sending warm thoughts and hopeful prayers your way for a successful implantation this time around. I cannot even imagine not hearing, and especially for this LONG. You've been so persistent and I will put your surgery date on my calendar!