Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hearing Test for the Deaf

I had to have a hearing test today.  So now it's official.  I'm totally Deaf.   Both ears heard zilch.  I was tested at 100 db and heard nothing.

So what is 100db?  Onto google and I found a comparison chart...

I didn't know that the loudest sound possible was 194db but wonder what might make that kind of noise. Years ago I was tested with equipment that tested up to 140db and nothing registered then either - so I presume you could safely say I'm totally deaf in both ears.

The reason I had to have my hearing tested is that I've applied for a fire alarm (vibrating).  At present, if there was a fire at night, the only thing that might wake me is my cat.  The local fire service don't believe puss is reliable, so have suggested a vibrating alarm. Because I live alone and have a great need for it, I can apply for funding.  They are usually very expensive so they're not in my 5 year plan, and I've always said you have to die of something anyway!!  And hence the reason for the test - to satisfy the funders that I am in fact... Deaf.

So this afternoon I spent a few minutes in an audiologists office with a pair of headphones on my head while I tried to hear one iota of sound.  My reliability of response was consistent.  That's good.  I like to be consistent.

I was rather pleased to put my implant back on and hear again afterwards.  The implant puts me back in the speech zone.  I can't wear the implant at night though as it falls off so no point and this is why i need the alarm.

Next time I'm in Auckland, I'll get a test done to show you my aided hearing.  I don't have anything current to compare with this test today :)

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Felix said...

Glad to hear you have one of those
fire alarms for the deaf as I'm pretty sure your cat wouldn't think to wake you up during a fire. I think trained deaf dogs can though?