Sunday, December 16, 2012

Facebook Timelines

Would anyone like some free facebook timelines for their facebook pages?

Unfortunately, by right clicking on these images, they don't download in the right size.  So go to the album on Picasa and download them from there.  You can only get these images by using the links above each image, they are not available publicly.

Once in Picasa, click on 'options'' and choose 'Download'.  Let me know if there are any problems.

Then open facebook and go to  your timeline (Click on your name on the top right next to 'home'.  Hover at the top and you should be able to add or change your 'cover'.  Follow the directions from there.

These images are resized exactly for facebook timeline but it is important you go to the link above.

To Download Reflections at Cissy Bay
To Download Sunset Sail

Feel free to shout me a cuppa coffee in return if you like them at the donate now button on the right, although this is not a requirement :)

Alternatively, if you would like one of these images without the copyright text and website info on them,  send me an email ( letting me know which one you would like, and for $5 USD I will send you the original and email it back to you.

Likewise if anyone has a photo they want converted for their own timeline, send me an email and I'll convert it for you and email it back for $5 USD.

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