Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Silly Games

Human behaviour never ceases to amaze me.  It shouldn’t surprise me, as I’ve been around now for 50 years, and I shouldn’t expect adult behaviour from every adult.  But when bad, silly behaviour comes from supposed leaders of the Deaf community, it saddens me.  These people should actually know better.

It’s childish to defriend people from facebook suddenly, without reason.  It doesn’t give you any power.

It’s further childish to slander those people you have defriended when they can’t defend themselves.

Worse, it’s terrible to mislead others in the Deaf Community by not giving the full story, or full and correct information.  

It’s unethical to whisper in innuendos and open ended questions, open to anyone’s interpretation.

This is bully behaviour, like you expect in a school playground, not what you expect of people in leadership positions.

It’s time that this behaviour was stopped.  Deaf leaders have a responsibility to their community to lead by example, not picking on people without factual information.  They need to embrace positive causes instead of tarnishing projects negatively.

If you have questions about ethics or if you’re concerned about something, it’s far better to go to the source of the matter and ask the questions straight.  If you are still unsure, you can seek legal advice, but remember this; the law states very clearly that a person is innocent until proven guilty not the other way around.  Any written word on the contrary is harmful, and can be proven as slander.

The Deaf community can only grow and prosper when these types of behaviours are stopped.

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