Monday, February 22, 2010

My New House - Finished!

Well - I have arrived in Blenheim - been here for one week now, and G J Gardner Homes have completed my home in record time. One month early. I waited until today to take the photos as I knew it would look much better once the kitchen was complete and the tiling and carpet was down. I was right.

Today G J's handed over my house and gave me the keys to the front door. They came in a black velvet case like a jewellery box, and they were gold!! They also gave me a pink remote and a black remote for the garage door, and showed me how to use the remote control for the heatpump/aircon!

I guess if I were married, the 'wife' would get the pink remote, and the hubby the black!! I'm trying to work out which one I should use!

So onto the photos for a tour around my new house...

First up is the dining/lounge area which overlooks the vineyard. For those wanting to know which vineyard it is - it's Wild South. Go buy a bottle in the supermarket - you will not regret it..

The next is the kitchen...

And another one...

For those who knew me in my old house, yes, the kitchen is practically the same, except I designed it slightly better this time round so it's a bit more practical. Still, I'm going to have too much kitchen stuff for the kitchen, so I'm going to have to get rid of lots I don't use.

Here's another pic of the dining/lounge area overlooking the vineyard, but you can also see the second lounge on the left. I'll be using this room as a den/library/tv room as it will be easy to heat in the winter.

This is the second lounge, or rather, the room I will use as my den/library as above. You can see the views over the vineyard and the mountains to the south. Molesworth Station is somewhere there in that direction!

The front door, and flow into the living areas, and the door to the libray/den/second lounge.

This is the hall cupboards - the small hallway leading to the other end of the house where the bedrooms/bathrooms are. It's just out by the kitchen. It's a huge cupoard with great shelving and also the hot water cupboard. I may use one of the shelves for crocker from the kitchen seeing it's so close - not sure yet.

The small hallway leading to the rest of the house...

My bedroom - looking out over the vineyard and the Richmond Ranges. I can see Mt Riley and Mt Fishtail from the bedroom and lounges. Eventually there will be a deck out there but patience, patience!

The ensuite off my main bedroom...

The wardrobe off the main bedroom - Im quite pleased with this as it's very funtional. Just as well I don't have to share it with anyone as it's only big enough for my clothes! I have put my sports gear in there already simply because I'm not using them at present due to my sprained ankle!

The insanely big main bathroom. The reason this happened, is that originally the toilet was going to be in a separate room. However, to save costs we just took the wall out and made a bathroom with the toilet in there, seeing I already had another toilet in the ensuite. However, neither I never really thought about it, and we could have moved the wall up a bit to make bedroom 2 bigger. The only thing I wish was he vanity was bigger - a double vanity instead of a single. However, it's a minor detail and something can be changed later if I wish.

Another view of the insanely big bathroom! Anyone coming to stay will be the ones using this bathroom!

Lastly bedroom 3 which is the guest bedroom, which overlooks the vineyard and south to the mountains. No curtains there yet but will get onto it pronto.

I did take a photo of bedroom 2 but it didn't turn out - wasn't watching what I was doing closely enough - but it's about the same size as bedroom 3 just on the other side of the house.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!


Sam said...

wow - finished at last!!! You need to do a tour with the furniture in - then we can get an idea of scale!! Otherwise it all looks fabulous and I bet you can't wait to move in as soon as possible.

Morgan said...

Looks awesome! The vineyard outside is impressive. I love the way you walk in the front door and one of the lounges has the entrance on an angle. That would be a feature I would have chosen too if it were my house. I love dens and rooms with odd shapes. I can imagine walking in there and seeing your art featured on the wall.

The way the kitchen resembles your old one almost exactly is f'ing SPOOKY! I did a double take when I saw the photo - thought maybe you had lost your marbles and uploaded the wrong house to start with! In fact this whole house looks unmistakably like it's yours! Deja vu.

The large lounge windows were a good choice. They make a huge difference.

Can't wait to see this for real.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Once I'm in with everything I will take a video of the whole thing - but it could be a while until I unpack everything.


Anonymous said...

Bronwyn - I knew the kitchen was going to be similar, but in fact, it's actually quite different. For one - much better workmanship, and there a lots of differences - will point them all out to you when you get here :)


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if anyone notices the obvious difference in my house - in the fact that it's a way different.... c o l o u r !!!

yasmine said...

i love your bathrooms and cant wait to eventually design my own house.

I love how you have your own vineyards