Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hearing Blips at Christmas

Christmas 2007 is over thank goodness.  I unfortunately had to hit the shops this morning to return a present I had doubled up on, and got caught up in all the Boxing Day Sales at the new Albany mall.  You would think that people would have had enough of shopping by christmas, but no, people were out in force today again. Crazy!

Anyway - we had a great Christmas day with friends and family, starting with the traditional breakfast at my place, opening presents, then having a dirty santa.  No one played dirty this year, we were obviously all very happy with the gifts we opened, and no-one stole presents off anyone.  I wore my Santa Hat all day that had the words 'Ho Ho Ho' on them, even though it's meant to be derogatory to prostitutes and might scare little children!

After the usual midday xmas day walk, then snooze, we went on up to my brothers, and had too much champagne, and more food.  Guilt free for me as I did that 30km walk on Sunday so was allowed to eat and drink what I liked for one day :)

Then we decided to play cards.  My daughter told us we were going to play dump!  Weird name for a card game, but picked up the gist of the game quickly.  Basically, the idea was to 'dump' as many cards as you can, and the winner was the one who got rid of all their cards first.  I vaguely remember playing something like it years ago, but couldn't remember it ever being called dump. When a person won a hand they were given the title of  'president', and the one who came second was 'vice president'.  The person who lost was 'dump', and the person who came 2nd to last was 'vice dump'.  I still found this strange and  I even lost one hand and said I'm 'dump' - but no one said anything. They most likely thought I had said 'I'm Dumb'!!!  Nobody refuted it !!

Copious amounts of alcohol was drunk, many many laughs, screams of joy from the presidents and vice presidents, groans from the dumps and vice dumps!  

Driving home I mentioned to my daughter that I really enjoyed the evening and that we should play dump again soon.

"Dump?"  she said cracking up.

I looked at her and said - "Yes - the game was excellent"

"Dump?" she said again laughing..

"Have I got the name wrong?"

'it's SCUMMMMMMM"  she said laughing even more

"I mumbled under my breath something about being deaf etc..."

Makes sense - scum, vice scum.  Damn my Cochlear Implant not working properly though.  I obviously need to improve my lipreading a bit more, although I guess when everyone has been drinking, the words look similar on the lips!  I remember playing Scum before now too.  Sigh!  I want to hear properly again!!


wordteacher said...

Looks like you are doing you quite well. I love this blog. What a wonderful way to inform others about life with a cochlear implant.
I have some good news. I became a grandmother on 12/16/07. I held my grandson for the first time Christmas Day. He was born 10 weeks prematurely at 2 lbs. 6.8 ounces. He is now up to 7 ounces. Merry Christmas dear Kiwi friend!!!
Aime (aka Wordteacher)

kw said...

I died laughing at this!!! Only because you are such a great story teller and it was a "classic" deaf moment--which I can relate to as you well know. hehe! I LOVE your blog.

Kim :-)

PS-- You are NOT scum

Anonymous said...

Nice champagne blush! lol IM